123 Kids Fun™ BABY TUNES Free

123 Kids Fun™ BABY TUNES Free 1.6

Application for children from 1 up to 3 years old.

Application for children from 1 up to 3 years old.

Application for children from 1 up to 3 years old. Welcome to the unique world full of sounds and animations.

The application created for the youngest with very simple and clear navigation. Our application full of animations with sounds of animals, toys and appliances of everyday use teaches this a child.

A child, from the first days listens to the sounds surrounding it and tries to imitate them.

Onomatopoeic words are formed this way which play a huge role in speech development. It is thanks to these words we communicate with them before they start to speak.

A child not only listens, but also learns how to use objects, how to recognise sounds and behaviour of animals while feeding or washing them, recognises instruments, plays with a remote control or a computer mouse and many other things.


* In the countrywide;

* In the kitchen;

* In the office;

* Toys;

* Instruments, and...

... additionally a drawing option accompanied by the sounds of animals and objects.


* Very simple and intuitive interface

* Beautiful, colourful and dynamic graphics

* Lots of sounds

* All elements of the application are animated


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123 KIDS FUN™ APPS (Preschool and kindergarten learning games)

123 Kids Fun Apps are a collection and Android Apps for Kids. Our apps are entertaining, but more importantly, they teach at the same time. We pride ourselves in creating fun, beautiful, well designed and easy to use apps.

We share a passion for children, music, education, design, and play. Our goal is to create the highest quality games for toddlers and preschoolers for smartphones and tablets. We are proud to say that we make fun and smart educational games that are not only effective, but entertaining. We make games that let kids explore and discover, games where there are no wrong moves, but where the right move will reveal, reward, and teach.

We love getting feedback from our users. If you have questions or comments, please send them to contact@123kidsfun.com


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123 Kids Fun™ BABY TUNES Free


123 Kids Fun™ BABY TUNES Free 1.6

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